Welcome to the Tips + Tricks Page!

This page is about you getting referrals. I have never said this was going to be easy, so I have carefully constructed a list of ways to possibly get referrals. Enjoy!

Create a website - To those who say 'I don't know a thing about websites', I can honestly say that it isn't as hard as it seems to be. So, what's the point in creating a website? Well, if you are targeting people you don't know online, they will most probably not sign up a random site promising free gifts. Why? Because there is no information, no proof, and no FAQ. All they have is your referral link. Another reason to make a site is because the referral might cut of the referral number because he/she doesn't think it's important. This can happen if you are advertising on something physical (a piece of paper).

Now, when creating a site, there are three major parts to consider. A host, a domain, and a template / site design. If you want to spend as little money as possible, I would recommend taking up hosting with 000webhost.com. They host for free and don't place adverts all over your site. Next is the domain. If you don't know what a domain is, it's the ending of a URL (e.g. .co.uk). I strongly advise you to pocket out on a decent domain name. The reason for this is that your site will look more professional and less 'spammy'. Finally, you need a template. A template is basically the design aspect of your site. You just need to add in your own pictures and text. As for where you can get one, check these sites out:

Styleshout , OpenSourceTemplates CSScreme TemplateMo FreeCSSTemplates ,FreeTemplatesOnline.

Note: Do not, and I repeat, do not steal other people's content (e.g. mine) as the owner can easily find out if you have (through a site called copyscape.com).


Posters and leaflets - This is a great method for getting your site noticed where you live. I have tried this method in the past and have raked in three referrals (£51 worth). However, I guess it depends where you live. If you reside in the city, then you are more likely to get referrals than someone who lives in a rural area. Here is the picture of the poster I used to get my referrals...

As you can see, this was the first poster I put together. I was inspired by a eXceem members video about how to create a good freebie poster. Make sure your site is at the top, followed by a header. The next bit is very important. To grab the person's attention, you need something bright, big and bold. I used the term 'Free iPhone' as the gadget is pretty popular. The next thing I did was explaining very briefly what they needed to do. Sign up, complete an offer, and refer your friends to do the same! Next, find a picture related to freebies (e.g. an iPod Touch or Macbook) followed by your website again. And finally, repeat your website 10 times and rotate them 90 degrees like they look like in the photo. As a final touch, tear two or three of them off to reassure them that others find it interesting too. And there you have it! You can create the poster easily in Microsoft Word.


Forum signatures - Though this is only a small contributor, it can help a lot. If you are part of a forum/community, you may be already familiar with signatures. Simply put your website link in there and wait for the visitors to come flying in. Please check the T&C of your forum before entering your site. It may be classed as advertising and could result in you getting banned.


Twitter Method - This is a great little method for getting referrals. It all depends on how much effort you put into it. There are two approaches. One: pretend to be someone famous and twit regularly to get followers. Or two: Be yourself, but maybe over exaggerate a bit to get people interested in you. You would be more interested in a circus performer than lets say, a person working at a super market. Also, Tweet regularly to get lots of followers.


YouTube videos - This is a good method to try out, though it depends how much effort you put into it. Either, find a clip that is very humorous and put your website over it once it becomes popular. Or make proof videos about FreebieJeebies (and put your link over them).


The Omegle method - Omegle.com is a site, which connects you to strangers on the Internet. Simply talk to them and mention nothing of free gifts. If you do, they will most probably 'disconnect'. When the conversation get's more promising, say something like 'what are you up to anyway? I'm on my PS3. Got it for free you know?’ From there, you can try and convince them to sign up and complete an offer. Again, the more effort and patience, the better the method.


Argos method - This method is pretty simple. Simply visit your local Argos shop and look in one of the catalogs. Take out one of the blue skeets in which you right the product number on, and write your website on it with a caption of 'Free whatever!'. Place it back in the holder. So, when the next person comes to your catalog to buy something, they may keep that little note and sign up later on. Try and think out of the box. you'll be amazed what you can come up with!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!