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What is a referral?

A referral is a person who signs up under your referral link and completes an offer.

What is a green?
A green is a nickname for a referral. It's called this because when a referral's offer completes, it goes green.

I'm still not sure. Where can I find more proof?
eXceem is an independent forum where people discuss all aspects of freebie sites, such as ours. We have our own subforum on eXceem, and we are a 'supported' network, which means the owners of eXceem are confident that we will continue to provide gifts and a good quality of service to our customers.

eXceem also has a thread called 'I got my free item' where people post pictures of the items they have received. eXceem members often post to show gifts they have received from us (many eXceem members call us 'FJ') - http://www.exceem.co.uk/forums/i-got-my-free-item/.

Will I recieve any spam?

No, FreebieJeebies take thier no-spam policy very seriously, and I can assure you that you will never receive spam from a brilient company like FreebieJeebies.

What if I can't complete an offer?

If you, for some reason, cannot complete an offer (maybe because you don't have a credit card), you can still get free gifts. All you need to do is get three extra referrals. When you have got all your referrals plus the three extra ones, just send in a support ticket to FreebieJeebies.

What do FreebieJeebies get out of this?

For every person you get to sign up and complete an offer, FreebieJeebies get a commission from the offer company (typically £20). They then spend a percentage on your gift, and keep the rest as profit.

What do the offer companies get out of this?

The offer company gets a brand new customer that will be willing to pay for thier services. This covers the payment they gave to FreebieJeebies.

My offer is still showing as 'not completed'.

Within most offers, FJ recieve data within 24 hours and the accounts update automatically. However, some offers show up as untracked due to naybe signing up without the tracking code. If, for some reason, your offer is still not showing as completed even though you have done the offer, send a support ticket to FreebieJeebies. They usually respond within the hour.

Who can I refer?

Check out my Tips + Tricks page! It's full with ideas on who you can refer!

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